Environmental Education

Our guides and environmentalists go into the nearby schools to raise awareness amongst the kids about nature, wildlife, environmental issues and conservation.

We have organised for the children excursions in the bush and we take them on game drives and nature walks so they can observe first hand the wonders of their surrounding natural environment and learn about the plants and trees, animals & birds.

In the Khumaga area, in the Makgadikgadi National park region, we collaborate with Elephants for Africa which are a registered NGO in Botswana, and charity in the UK. They aim to conserve elephants through research and community outreach, including running Environment Clubs for students of Khumaga and Mogolokwane (in Phuduhudu) Primary Schools. These are run on a monthly basis to engage students in scientific thinking and conservation principles to inspire the next generation of conservation and community leaders.

Some kids, even though they live in a wildlife area have not seen wild animals in their life. Our guides take those kids on game drives to create more awareness and engagement for and with their environment. Allowing students to see wildlife in a non-conflict setting is the first step to inspiring a passion for conservation. Only through community engagement can conservation succeed and allow humans to coexist peacefully with wildlife for the benefit of both humans and wildlife.